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Product Overview

What it is

Spider Chalk is liquid chalk made from laboratory-grade magnesium carbonate, the purest and driest chalk on the planet. It was developed by athletes for athletes, so whether you’re an olympic weightlifter, rock climber, or gymnast - this product is for you. 

What it does

Spider chalk absorbs the moisture (i.e. sweat) or oil on your hands that prevents you from getting an adequate grip on the pullup bar, barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell. Pure chalk increases friction and too much of it can result in nasty tears, whereas Spider Chalk creates a dry and sticky barrier without any resin or rosin. It also lasts longer than typical gym chalk. It contains 2 non-toxic bonding agents that prevents it from rubbing off mid-workout, which also means no mess!  Say goodbye to white handprints on the floor and on your clothing, or inhaling chalk dust mid-workout. 

When to use

Since Spider Chalk isn’t a powder, you can use it anywhere. No matter where you get your fitness on (i.e. large gyms, CrossFit boxes, hotels, climbing gyms, university gyms), you can use this mess free alternative.  So whether you’re doing pull-ups, touch and go power cleans, deadlifting, or performing any other movement that requires a strong grip, reach for Spider Chalk.


Wash hands so the chalk will stick.
Shake the bottle and then shake it again. 
Squirt a small dime-sized amount into hand. Rub hands together to spread the chalk.
Wave hands for 30 seconds or until chalk dries.


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