HMB Sport

HMB Sport is a premium, clean sports supplement designed to improve athletic performance - backed by scientific research, and free of additives and fillers.

  • 180 capsules
  • 30 Servings
  • 1.5G of HMB per serving
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What it is

HMB is one of the most researched ingredients shown to improve athletic performance*.  Blonyx HMB Sport® will improve your training and performance – it contains HMB (Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate), which is used by body to repair muscle. Your body can produce HMB, but we need to augment it by eating HMB rich foods like grapefruit and fish. Research shows that supplementing with HMB leads to quicker increases in strength, muscle mass when strength training, and endurance improvements.*. Blonyx HMB Sport® is free of fillers, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals.

What it does

HMB is a naturally occurring substance needed by the body for muscle function and repair.  We get HMB by eating foods such as grapefruit and fish.  HMB is used to build, maintain, and repair muscle cells by slowing muscle protein breakdown, and speeding protein production in muscle. 

HMB Sport enhances endurance when combined with aerobic exercise like running and cycling.*

HMB Sport enhances strength when combined with heavy training.*

HMB Sport enhances muscles recovery after strenuous exercise.*  

HMB reduces blood indicators of muscle cell damage after high training loads.*

When To Take
Take 3 capsules of HMB Sport twice per day.  To get the proper benefits of HMB, you require 3G per day.  Do not exceed the recommended serving. HMB is more effective if taken consistently, and will significantly help repair muscle while recovering.


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