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Product Overview

Blended with around 1.5X the caffeine content of a regular coffee to fuel your work capacity. 100% organic, rich in antioxidants, and proudly roasted in Sacramento California. Whole Bean.

The perfect blend to make a Catalyst coffee!  It’s like rocket fuel for your brain and metabolism.

Step 1:
Start with 2 hot cups of  black PR Blend coffee

Step 2:
Add 2 TBS of unsalted Grass-fed butter to the brew

Step 3:
Add up to 2 TBS of MCT Oil. Use a blender until a creamy head of foam appears.

If your Catalyst coffee is too rich at first, reduce the amount of butter and MCT oil initially, and take digestive enzymes until you body becomes used to burning fat for fuel. Grass-fed butter really matters because butter from corn or soy fed cows does not contain the right fats.


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