Why NSF Certified Matters


What is nsf certified for sport

What is nsf certified for sport
The NSF tests various supplements for purity, heavy metal contamination, and banned substances. Supplements that have undergone and passed their rigorous testing bear the NSF Certified for Sport label. When you buy a product with NSF’s Label or sticker, you can be sure that the supplement you’re holding is safe to consume. This is gold for Professional Athletes!

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You could be at risk for disqualification. If your supplement is not certified by a 3rd party, you may be accidentally consuming a banned substance. In fact, it is not uncommon for even high profile athletes to test positive for banned substances that were not listed on their supplement labels. That’s why the NFL, MLB, NHL, and PGA recommend athletes only take products that are 3rd party certified, especially NSF Certified for Sport to ensure that ONLY what is listed on the label is actually in the supplement
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The BuiltByStrength Promise
Strength.com shares this same concern over the health and safety of athletes. For this reason, BuiltByStrength Protein and Pre-workout are 100% NSF Certified for Sport and contain only simple, scientifically backed ingredients. This way athletes can focus on their training and not have to think twice about their supplements upholding the promises made on the package.
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