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As a certified USA weightlifting and collegiate strength and conditioning coach, I understand how important proper nutrition is to fuel your body correctly for competition. Every sport coach will tell you, a specific plan is crucial to success. Exercise and training are no different, game planning is necessary to see long term results in the gym. Whether it is a match, training session or a killer workout, Game Plan Nutrition has what you need. That’s why I choose the Power Plan to fuel my training sessions. I always start my day out right with a Focus Food bar. The delicious taste and caffeine help get me through the morning feeling energized. Before my workout I take a scoop of PUMP to focus in on my workout and keep my energy high from start to finish. Post workout I finish off with the Whey Chocolate Protein and RECOVERY to help me heal and maximize gains from my training sessions throughout the night. With the Power Plan, you can crush PR's and see the gains you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Power your way to your goal with my Power Plan from Game Plan Nutrition. Attempting to lose weight or just want to better supplement your diet? Try my Thin It to Win It Plan, the Down to the Basics Plan or create your own! Game Plan has everything you need to finally reach your desired goals.

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