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Anything you submit must follow our editorial guidelines:

  1. What is
    Strength. com is the one-stop-shop for discerning athletes. Beyond clean, quality workout supplements, hosts an extensive repository of credible information across fitness and training styles, diet and nutrition, sports supplements, physical therapy and sports psychology. The ultimate goal being to help our customers and partners reach their goals.


  1. Who’s behind
    Our team comes from a wide range of fitness and athletic backgrounds – former collegiate water polo players and volleyball players, CrossFit athletes, basketball players, Olympic weightlifters, runners, yogis, and powerlifters. Our team is a microcosm for the fitness industry – we believe there’s no one way to be healthy, or get in shape.  Passions and interests change over time.  Building strength, being healthy, and developing fitness is a journey. Our goal is to nurture a platform that helps our community (customers and partners) along in their fitness journeys – giving information, access and products that encourage a stronger, happier, and healthier life.  


  1. The Standard:
    We hold the same standard to the resources we publish as we do to the supplements we make and sell. The information presented must be credible and recent, ideally referenced in scientific and/or clinical studies or pulled from accredited/reputable 3rd party sources.  We want scientific, innovative and advanced information, but framed in a way that is both easy to understand for a novice and in depth enough to be trusted by an expert.


  1. Who are we looking for?
    We want passionate and knowledgeable individuals curious about our core categories and looking for an excuse to research more about them. Our categories of fitness and training styles, diet and nutrition, sports supplements, physical therapy and sports psychology are broad for a reason. Are you a specialist in a very unique form of recovery? Great! We’d love to learn more about it. While we are looking for field experts and credited professionals, we are also searching for content writers passionate and/or curious about the space.

    Authors and content creators are thoroughly vetted before publication.


  1. What type of content do we want?
    We are looking for everything from articles, workout plans, and how-to’s to videos, photos, recipes, e-books and infographics. Have something else that meets the above requirements – submit it for review! All content must be original to you/you must have the rights to share it and never before published elsewhere.

    Articles – while we do not set an article length, typical articles range from 300 to 2,500 words depending on content and purpose. Articles out of this range are also considered. Articles must be submitted as Microsoft Word or Page files. Articles submitted to must be new, original to the author, and never before published anywhere.

    Photos - if you submit a photo (accompanying an article or standalone), it must be original to you (or stock) and of the highest quality possible. Photos should be taken horizontally, not vertically.

    Videos – if you submit a video (accompanying an article or standalone), it must be at least 720p and shot horizontally. Videos cannot contain promotions or advertisements of any kind.

    Any other content (workout-plans, infographics, e-books, how to’s) must also be original to the author and never before published elsewhere and submitted in an editable/raw format.

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