AT A GLANCE is coming back. Over the next couple weeks we have announcements and surprises coming your way. Stay tuned. is coming back and we’re so excited to work with you again. Over the next couple weeks we’ve got a few of surprises in store for you… but first we felt it was important to share what’s been going on behind the scenes, and explain why we’ve been silent for so long.

The entire team thanks you for your patience and understanding as we’ve worked through a few transitions. At, we hold pretty strong beliefs, opinions, and values about the fitness, sports, health, and nutrition industry. One of those values is transparency. transitioned to new ownership. Over the past 9 months, all of’s infrastructure, operations, technology, team, and management changed. We spent this time building out best-in-class systems and processes to make sure is rock solid. Now, we have the new website, a platform that serves you better – better products & services, better tools, and great information for living healthier lives all in one place. We’re excited to share these with you, as the products and tools roll out over the next few months.

We also shifted production and manufacturing of our products to a new facility. At, we believe that working out isn’t the only key to success – if you’re hard in the gym for two hours, and then fueling your body with garbage, we guarantee you won’t be satisfied with the results. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say! Our goal is manufacture great products for you – high quality proteins, formulas to charge your work out, help you recover, and everything you need to power your workout and your day. We believe that the products should be as affordable as possible, and they should be certified by a third party – we’ve partnered with the NSF to certify all of our products, newly formulated a few (stay tuned for those). You should have confidence in the product, the ingredients, and trust that it is good for you. We do. Our new manufacturing facility is perfectly aligned to deliver on these values and promises.

Thank you again for your business, and your loyalty. We look forward to building a relationship with each one of you, and helping you along your health & fitness journey.

Over the next couple weeks we have a few announcements and surprises coming your way. We hope you stay tuned.

Can’t wait until next week? Click here to shop now. We think you’ll like what you see.

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