Top 5 Gym Essentials That Don’t Suck

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Top 5 Gym Essentials That Don’t Suck

We’ve all seen fads come and go, and television doctors spouting the benefits of things like apple cider vinegar. But you don’t want a fad, you want a tried and true method for your workouts just like you want tried and true – and trust – supplements.

The question is, where do you begin?

Without a doubt, supplements can mean the difference between getting good results, and seeing great results. They are one of the most important ‘secrets’ to a  success in the gym. Because having a great workout routine isn’t enough. You also need to focus on your diet and supplement routines if you want the best results.

Using supplements ensures you’re maximizing your possible gains. The following supplements are listed in order of priority and importance.

Whey Protein – $44.99

Protein is essential for building and maintaining healthy muscles. But it’s hard to get the protein your body needs just from your daily diet. That’s where Whey comes in. Why It’s Cool:

  • Taken by some of the top athletes, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Columbus Blue Jackets are both re-occurring customers.
  • Grass Fed Matters: Free of fillers and 100% all natural. Catalyst’s Grass Fed Whey voted one of the purest proteins in the US.
  • NSF certified for sport: Catalyst’s Grass fed whey earned a NSF certification for Sport which enables athletes around the world to take the product without any fear of added hormones or banned substances.

Multi-Vitamins- $29.99

When creating your supplement regime, your first priority should be carefully selecting your multi-vitamin. Why it’s cool:


  • Very few vitamins in the market give you a complete 360 degree mineral and vitamin intake. Life box contains over 20 key vitamins and minerals.
  • Includes your daily recommended Fish oil and triple greens intake.
  • Includes your daily recommended vitamin A, B, C, D, E plus B complex intake.

Glutamine – $24.99

Glutamine plays  many important roles for your body. During intense workouts, the body can’t make enough of its own glutamine, which is why you’ll want to supplement it. Why it’s cool:

  • Without enough glutamine to give your body what it needs, your gains will be reduced. Want to look leaner and gain muscle, then you need some Recovery.  Exercise is not enough!
  • When you work out too much you’re body can’t recover in time for the next workout. Get a product that helps get the gains everyone is striving for.

Creatine (Pre-Workout)-  $29.99

Creatine can help you gain lean muscle tissue, so it’s vital to your strength program. Consider the purity of the product when choosing Creatine. We recommend using Creatine monohydrate in powder form. Take it post-workout and for even better results combine 10 grams of it with about 5 grams of Glutamine, 50 grams of Dextrose and 40 to 60 grams of Whey protein.

  • Want to workout longer? Faster? With more intensity? Then you need a pre-workout.

The Perfect Shaker Bottle-  $9.99


Taking a protein shake after the gym or before the gym is essential, we have the perfect Shaker bottle for you. Why it’s cool:

  • 2 removable supplement compartments
  • 1 removable pill holder with 2 compartments
  • Wire widget to ensure the perfect mix