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In the fitness world we hear this all the time: “You need to be taking a whey protein post-workout.”  But with so many brands and varieties out there, choosing the right whey protein that is best for you can be tough, especially if you’re new in the game. The two most common forms of whey … Continue reading Which Whey?

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Which cardio workouts really dial up the intensity? HIIT is the answer!

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This recipe comes straight from the SWOLE STATION Smoothie Bar at Varsity House Gym. Each smoothie is powered by Catalyst by grassfed whey protein!

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Looking for a quick, easy to make snack that is chock full of protein to give you the push you need pre-workout? Look no further!

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Pre-workout is fuel that even the most committed fitness buff will need to add to their arsenal. It’s complexly designed to meet the all your bodily needs at the gym.

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